Office Hours

Office Hours for Part-Time Faculty

What are paid office hours?

Cabrillo students are entitled to equal access to academic advice and assistance from all faculty, including adjunct instructors. Compensation for adjunct office hours is included in the unit pay.

What is my office hour obligation?

You must provide 17 (16.666) minutes of office hour for every unit of instruction. For a 3-unit class this translates into 50 minutes of office hours per week.

Where and when do I provide this service?

Most adjunct faculty members have a shared office space from which they can hold office hours. Some adjunct faculty members use their classrooms or computer labs before or after class, when available. Office hours are to be held contiguous to class offerings. Note that office hours may not be scheduled during class breaks or during passing times as published in the schedule of classes. Refer to section of the Contract for more detail.