Faculty Voice Newsletter: November 2017: A Note on CCFT Membership and Agency Fee

by Beth McKinnon

A little information goes a long way.

Ninety three percent of Cabrillo faculty are members of CCFT. Yay!

Recently, union reps have been contacting fellow faculty who are Agency Fee Payers (AFPs) but not Members of the union. What’s the difference?

Though AFPs enjoy the employment protections the union provides, only members have access to the additional benefits provided by the national organization, AFT, such as legal consultations, medical discounts, and other perks. Not surprisingly, a number of these faculty assumed that they were already members since they make payroll contributions to CCFT and have now signed the membership card to ensure their full benefit.

Throughout the fall, union reps from your divisions will continue to contact AFPs about membership. If you’re not sure you’re a member, contact your rep or any of us in CCFT leadership and we’ll let you know.

The membership card is available electronically on the website.

Now, more than ever, with the threat of the Janus decision looming in the Supreme Court, faculty need to protect our working and retirement interests by participating in CCFT and belonging to the organization that is made up by us and for us.