Faculty Voice Newsletter: September 2017: What Faculty Should Know About DACA

by Leticia Maldonado

The October 5 DACA Renewal Deadline

As many of us still stand in disbelief about the recent announcement of the rescission of DACA, our ability to act as a college, and act quickly, has been critical. We may be in shock from the wave of anti-immigrant actions by the Trump Administration that continue to devalue the existence of our students. But we must continue to act quickly to support our Cabrillo students. We do not have a choice and our DACA students need us more than ever.

The Rescission of the June 15, 2012 DACA Memorandum states that any current DACA recipient whose DACA expires between September 5, 2017- March 5, 2018, CAN renew their DACA. The deadline to renew is October 5, 2017. That is not a lot of time. Cabrillo’s Dream Resource Program (https://www.cabrillo.edu/services/equity/dreamers.html) has partnered with Immigration Attorneys from Santa Cruz county to offer two upcoming free DACA Renewal Clinics. It is critical that students hear about these dates through faculty. 

Friday, September 22, Cabrillo College, 5pm-8pm, Room 317, Aptos.

Saturday, September 30, Watsonville Center, 9am-5pm, Room A160. 

For A Step-by-Step Breakdown of the September 5, 2017 “Rescission of the June 15, 2012 DACA Memorandum” and more practical ways you can provide support to undocumented students, please visit How Faculty and Staff Can Help on the Office of Student Equity website: