Reemployment Preference

Many adjunct faculty members wonder if there are any contract protections for receiving an assignment based on seniority. CCFT has negotiated some contract protections for those with “reemployment preference” which is detailed in contract section 16.8 and outlined below.

Summary only (see section 16.8 of the Contract for more info)

Reemployment preference is gained after working for eight semesters in an academic discipline. An adjunct unit member with reemployment preference in an academic discipline shall be offered an assignment therein before an adjunct unit member without reemployment preference, provided she/he is qualified for the assignment as noted in 16.4. While all of the criteria in 16.4 are used in making assignments and the number of available assignments can change based on several factors, the District will make an effort to provide continuing comparable assignment to adjunct unit members with reemployment preference. If, during any semester, there are more adjunct unit members with reemployment preference than there are available assignments in an academic discipline, the available assignments are to be offered to those adjunct faculty members who are most senior provided the criteria specified in 16.4 are met. Once an adjunct member has been offered and accepted an assignment, that member shall not be displaced by a more senior faculty member (ie. if you get bumped by a full-time employee, you do not get to bump an adjunct with less seniority). Note that reemployment preference does not guarantee the same load that you may have had during previous semesters nor does it guarantee a certain class or more units than someone with less seniority. Please refer to the contract section 16.8 or ask your CCFT representative for more information. If you think your seniority rights have been violated, contact the grievance officer or the CCFT office immediately.