Committee on Political Education (COPE)

The Committee on Political Education coordinates faculty efforts on matters of a political nature and funds candidates, propositions, and causes that Cabrillo faculty— through their representatives on the CCFT Council— choose to support. COPE funds are generated from monthly payroll deductions from individual faculty members; they are raised separately from and in addition to regular dues. All faculty members may become COPE members by completing a COPE card.

The obligation to represent faculty interests involves action in the political arena, particularly when it comes to local board elections. COPE allows us to legally participate in the political arena. While some unions funnel general dues money into COPE, CCFT has not done so.

If you would like to participate in these efforts, please call 464-2238 or email or

In 2012, COPE worked to mobilize the college community around Prop 30, the Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act of 2012. A primary ongoing focus is to elect strong Cabrillo Governing Board candidates. COPE has also supported Monterey Bay Central Labor Council events, the Reel Works Labor Film Festival, the Community College Initiative (Prop 92), protecting the right of unions to organize, and US Labor Against War.

COPE funds are allocated based on the recommendation of the COPE Committee and/or the CCFT Executive Board (depending on timing) to the CCFT Council. The current COPE Chair is Sadie Reynolds.

If you would like to contribute to COPE funds, participate in COPE decision-making, or receive email updates from the COPE Committee, please complete a COPE card and submit it to the CCFT mailbox or contact Maya Bendotoff.