Cabrillo College Federation of Teachers


The regular annual dues of the Federation will be equal to 1.17 % of gross salary for all unit members, including overload units and summer and winter sessions. The dues will be payable each September first and February first or by payroll deduction to the CCFT treasurer.

ARTICLE II - Amendment

The by-laws of CCFT may be amended by:

1) A simple majority of those voting in the following ways:

a) The proposed amendment is read at a regularly scheduled general membership meeting, distributed to the membership by mail, and voted on by mail or central ballot box.
b) The amendment is submitted to the Council for a simple majority of those voting recommendation, then distributed by mail to the membership with voting done by mail or central ballot box.


2) By a two-thirds vote of the CCFT Council. Proposed amendments shall be distributed to the faculty for informational purposes at least seven days prior to Council action.

ARTICLE III - Meetings

Meetings will be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order.

ARTICLE IV - Associate Membership

Emeritus/retired faculty, unemployed faculty, students, and Cabrillo College personnel not in the bargaining unit may be Associate Members of the union, paying voluntary reduced dues, having no vote, not serving on committees or holding office. They may not be represented by CCFT in any issue.

ARTICLE V - Duties of Officers and Executive Director


President and Co-Vice Presidents:

President or Co-Vice Presidents:

Co- Vice Presidents:



Membership-Education Committee Chair:

Grievance Officer:

Chief Negotiator:

Adjunct Committee Chair:

Communications Director:

Executive Director:

Council Representatives:

ARTICLE VI - Duties of Committees

Membership-Education Committee:

Grievance Committee:

Committee on Political Education (COPE):

Adjunct Committee:

Contract Development Committee(s):

Election Committee:

Negotiating Team:

ARTICLE VII - Elections

The Election Committee will prepare and oversee an election during the spring semester.

Other elections may be held as necessary.

The Election Committee will poll the membership for nominees for all open seats on the Council, including officers. A member may nominate her/himself or may be nominated by others with the nominee’s consent. A ballot listing nominees will be distributed to the entire membership. Elections will be by secret ballot with one vote per member. In case of a tie, a runoff election will be held.

Votes will be counted by the Election Committee and results announced within 24 hours of the closing of the polls.


A quorum must be present for any CCFT body to do business. A quorum shall be considered to consist of the following:

General membership meetings - 10% of the general membership
Council meetings - 50% of voting members of the full Council.
Executive Board meetings - 50% of voting members of the Executive Board.

ARTICLE IX - Convention Delegates

Official Local delegates to AFT and CFT conventions will be approved by the Council in accordance with CFT procedures. Every effort will be made to cover the travel, registration and per diem costs of such delegates. Decisions regarding amounts of monies to be covered will be decided by the Council prior to the appointment of the delegates. Delegates shall prepare and present written and/or oral reports to Council and membership.

ARTICLE X - Replacement of Officers/Council Representatives

Should a seat on the Council or Executive Board become vacant, the Executive Board shall appoint, with the approval of the Council, a replacement until such time as an election can be held.

If a Council member misses two consecutive regular meetings, after consultation with that member, the Council may declare that seat to be vacant and the position in need of replacement.


The Council will arrange an annual audit or CPA review of the Local’s finances by an independent auditor.