Faculty Voice Newsletter: May 2017: Cabrillo Faculty Now Have Up to Twelve Weeks of Paid Leave to Bond with a New Child


New moms and dads can now use up to 12 weeks of paid sick leave to bond with a new child. This applies to biological parents within the first year of her or his infant’s birth as well as non-biological parents within the first year of adopting a child.

The most recent booster of support for parental bonding came in the form of AB 2393, a CFT-sponsored bill that applies to both full- and part-time community college faculty (as well as classified staff) as a follow-up to a law that was passed in 2015 for TK-12 teachers.

CCFT and the District recently incorporated these parental leave improvements as Side Letter of Agreement 2016-17.12.

Once sick leave has been exhausted the faculty member shall be compensated at no less than 50 percent of the employee’s regular salary for the remaining portion of the 12-workweek period of parental leave.

Although overdue, this is excellent news for parents and their families. Please help spread the word!

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