Faculty Voice Newsletter: February 2017: Faculty Senate Update

by Robin McFarland and Skye Gentile

Students, We are here for you:

The November election and ensuing uncertain climate have highlighted the importance of our focus on equity and success for all students. Thus, at the January 31 meeting, faculty senate passed a resolution in support of undocumented students. An earlier version of the resolution was adopted by the Governing Board at their January meeting. The senate is committed to finding ways that faculty and staff and the institution in general can ensure the safety and success of all students.

Guided Pathways:

Faculty senate feels that Guided Pathways will provide a sustainable framework to support equity and success. In December, the senate unanimously passed a resolution to support Cabrillo’s participation in the California Guided Pathways project. An ever-expanding circle of faculty, staff, administrators, and students are planning how Guided Pathways will be implemented at Cabrillo.

10+1, huh?:

It is mandated by law that each California community college has an academic (faculty) senate, whose role is to advise the college on “academic and professional matters.” At Cabrillo, the governing board “primarily relies” (in the language of the educational code) on the recommendations of faculty senate in academic and professional matters (the so-called “10+1” in educational code). This legal mandate underscores the importance of faculty participation and leadership in our college shared governance. We are fortunate at Cabrillo to have strong faculty voices in our Union and Faculty Senate. We are indeed “stronger together.”


Vice President Skye Gentile and I (as well as Secretary John Govsky, and treasurer Marcus Waston) are proud of the work that the Senate is privileged to do for students. Students are the reason we’re here, and we never forget it. Faculty Senate works hard to create a space that celebrates students and teaching while creating an environment conducive to moving the work of the college forward.