Faculty Voice Newsletter: February 2017: Democracy In Action: Call for Nominations to the 75th CFT Convention

“Organize, Resist” is the theme of this year’s CFT Convention, to take place March 31-April 2 in Sacramento. Convention delegates will forge the CFT’s path for the coming year. Please consider nominating your self or a colleague to attend as an official AFT 4400 delegate. 

General sessions are packed with guest speakers, panel discussions, inspiring awards, and debate on union policy. The CFT Division Councils meet on Friday night and there are workshops on a wide range of topics. There is also time for socializing and networking, with receptions and get-togethers held throughout the three-day event.

You can learn more on the CFT’s website at: http://cft.org/governance/convention.html
Please submit nominations to ccft@ccftcabrillo.org ASAP, by February 16, 2017.