About CCFT

The Cabrillo College Federation of Teachers (CCFT), American Federation of Teachers Local 4400, represents all faculty members at Cabrillo College. Our membership includes instructors, program directors, counselors, librarians, and health service representatives, all of whom share the principal mission of providing excellent educational services to the students of our community. Founded by both full-time and part-time faculty in 1985, from the beginning our local has sought justice and fairness for all. Our current membership base is composed of some 200 full-time and 360 part-time faculty members. The union serves as a faculty fulcrum for power and a forceful voice in the forum of shared governance. We are committed to principles of democracy, equality, accountability, transparency and participation.

As a professional union, our main task is to support the workplace rights of all faculty members. We do this primarily through the negotiation and enforcement of a collective bargaining agreement, or contract agreement, that establishes wages, working conditions, and benefits. Our representatives help enforce the contract by representing faculty when issues arise in regards to the interpretation, application, and enforcement of the agreement. We often help solve other work-related problems or help refer you in the right direction. CCFT also appoints representatives to serve on important campus committees. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help with issues regarding: compensation, safety, evaluation, professional development, health benefits, workload, professional development, academic freedom, discipline, complaints, retirement, or any other issues that touch on your work environment and compensation.

Each faculty member should be offered a copy of the CCFT/District contract when you are hired. If you don’t, call us for a copy. You can also access the contract online at http://ccftcabrillo.org/contract/current/.

The CCFT Council, comprised of union representatives from each campus division, serves as our main governance body. All faculty are welcome to attend council meetings. During flex week of each semester we hold a General Council Meeting, which is designed to include faculty that do not attend regular meetings. Our Executive Board, composed of elected officers and appointed representatives, serves to advise our council. Other CCFT committees include the Adjunct Committee, the Committee on Political Education (COPE), the Contract Development Committee and the Negotiations Committee. On a bigger picture, we work with our state and national affiliates—the California Federation of Teachers (CFT) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT)—to monitor the legislative process and lobby where necessary to protect your interests and improve your working conditions.

To effectively represent and advocate for all faculty, we need your participation. Please get involved in any way that you can. If you haven’t completed a membership card, please do so right away. Benefits of membership include the right to vote on contract ratification and in union elections; the right to serve on the union council and other committees; access to state-wide (CFT) and national (AFT) union publications; coverage by a million dollar professional liability insurance policy; access to various scholarship programs for yourself and your family members; free legal consultations for up to half an hour; and access to many other insurance, medical, entertainment, and discount programs through our national union. Please note that if you do not become a union member, you will still need to pay a service fee (agency fee) to the union (and the union will still represent you).

CCFT is affiliated with:

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Never hesitate to contact your division representative or the CCFT office (831.464.2238) if you have any questions.

The CCFT office is currently located in room 1709 on lower campus. Mailing address: 6500 Soquel Dr., Aptos, CA 95003; Phone: 831.464.2238; Fax: 831.464.2283; email: ccft@ccftcabrillo.org